RDB Hires Astrid Helmer and Beatrice Bassoil as new designers

by Travis Leggett

Veteran designers Helmer (left) and Bassoli (right) fill key roles at RDB .  R/GA

Veteran designers Helmer (left) and Bassoli (right) fill key roles at RDB .


RDB, known for creating “conscious communication”, has added two new members to its female-led design team by signing Helmer and Bassoli as “Social Media Designer” and “Motion Designer” respectively.

This news comes one month after Philip Zach, a 5-year veteran and lead designer at Mario Debout’s organization, resigned to take a new position.

“These two are the perfect compliment to our design team and have been able to jump right in on a multitude of projects,” said Managing Director Alexander Mühr in a statement. “Their creativity, knowledge and proactive natures have been invaluable during this time of growth at RDB. We have a history of working with amazing women, which is why over sixty percent of our staff is female.”

Helmer comes to RDB following two years spend working in Berlin. She is a ten year veteran in the field of graphic design. After starting off in classic print for companies in Vienna and Salzburg, she has spent the last 4 focused on web design and online marketing.

As for Bassoli, she is a 4 year veteran, specializing in 2D animation. Previously, she’s worked on projects for XXXLutz and DM as well as designing characters for a number of successful mobile apps.  

These two will join RDB’s design team headed by long-time Art Director Victoria Bogensperger.  “I’m excited to have both Astrid and Beatrice join the team”, said Bogensperger. “They both bring something special and have jumped in on projects with a real enthusiasm. I think they’re exactly what we needed to take our team to the next level.”